days 8 & 9

2 days in sevilla
we found sevilla to be much more tourist-oriented than malaga, with little t-shirt & postcard shops everywhere in the historic areas. more people wandering around with maps, too, us included. even though it's decently bigger than malaga, its attractions are pretty well concentrated in a fairly small area of the town in a bend of the river guadalquivir: the cathedral (one of the biggest in the world), the alcazar (another originally moorish palace), the plaza de las americas, & the gardens -- lots & lots of gardens...

ready to board the train
2 & 1/2 hours later, d really wants an orange (but they're very sour)...

one of the first things we see:

getting ready for la semana santa

the buildings here are a little more colorful:

the real alcazar:

local politics:

the cathedral:

pigeons & saints

inside the cathedral

by goya:

the head of john the baptist:

some views from the tower:

d relaxes in the courtyard of the hotel before heading back to the train station in the pouring rain

today: a day of rest (most things are closed on sundays anyways); tomorrow we head to cordoba for two days & then it's only 1 more day til we fly home...

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