days 4, 5, 6 & 7

so i've been a little slow on getting these pics posted, but you'll have to forgive me -- we've finally had a few sunny days & i haven't been spending much time at the hotel. but here you go...

a very small truck

more pics from the market (lomo en manteca = hunks of pork in spiced lard):

the new jacket (see, told ya)d prepares to go to una peluqueria

d models her new hair cut & tights:

this is a side door to the cathedral (a side door!); lest you think i italicize for nothing -- this thing is well over 30 ft tall

dinner at bar lo gueno; clockwise from 12:00: aceitunas, pan, salchicas de la plancha, sepia (cuttlefish) en salsa, frijoloes con almejas, & croquetas de pollo (in the center):

self portrait"heros"

the window of a restauranttomorrow we will use this to get to sevilla:

a very large tree

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Anonymous said...

You are right, Seville it´s been getting the best of andalusian tourism and Malaga´s tourism has been feeding mainly out of Europe´s "white trash", hence the difference.

But hey, Malaga is still a nice city to study spanish for example, the weather is milder :-) than in andalusia´s "frying pan".

I´d like to introduce you to my blog. Pop up as often as you feel like.

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