days 11 & 12


the train station/train ride

the city

the hotel maimonides

the courtyard

the view from the room
city workers harvesting oranges!

the mezquita, in bits & pieces. started out a visigoth chapel, turned into a mosque, now a cathedral.

remnants of the mosquethe light!

from the roof of the hotel maimonides

the alcazar de los reyes cristianos, or the palace of the christian kings: where the spanish kings stayed when they came to cordoba. & then the HQ of the inquisition.

steep stairs

a roman sarcophagus; they were often used to hold water in the baths of the moors & later the catholic monarchs

the gardens at the palace were my favorite gardens we saw -- they were beautifully laid out & very peaceful, despite the crowds

in the jewish quarter

some parting shots:

late afternoon light on the mezquitalots of the streets/walkways looked like this:


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