Cento from Horse Less Review 8 (part 1)

Out of the unexpected
my shoes will disintegrate. My shoes are full of
which of the ways I had come?

Unite once more toward some common goal
on the other side of the lake, in another time.

We looked up & saw only the things that
cut the lines out 0f bread dough.
Sitting on the earth, half immersed

upon her breasts. Once I went higher up, once only.
The way old men in shirtsleeves come out:

really suffering within. & without his head
rushing back after all these years to consult more doctors
(this was a very sick man, one might even say dangerous)

appealing turned into appalling.
Hair hard to swallow without strangling.

Like odd rats scurrying in & out of debris, laughing,
you try to console me. I will snap your neck
& a Darth Vader figurine as well as many other toys. On a shelf across .........the

the tub are seven pink loofahs & seven half-empty bottles of .........Victoria's
ghosts. To know them, I stole photographs from Giotto.

There is this feather
strips me raw in an icy racket of wind.
Changing the vocabulary of the forest

might rediscover a new life, lived in miniature.
Every line is wrong, we are told

& I'm glad. Nobody calls me in the center of the night
that I keep from veering apart
at the end of the most amazing year.

horse less review #8

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