Cento from Brandi Homan

Not once have I thought I could be saved
alone -- one who comes out
in the red dress dancing on her own
behind the bucking chute

and says hush-hush-hush.
Like ointment, you're slippery
on my tongue, magic to molecules.
Get your truck & a gun

& loving you is like living.
Load & thrust to reduce
mercury, beautiful poison. I want
& already the world --

whose name is quicksilver --
sinkholes. I became acolyte.
Roots, they evangelize for distortion, squeeze
your honeysuckle girl.

In my mouth, a man
on a sad night. Drink & let my hand
only lead. Always
your two bodies revolve

for the world to wonder at.
Waving cigarette circles in the air
for the late crowd, nothing
& tendon. Everything.


B-Ho said...

Hey Sam,

So, fine, I'm one of those annoying people who uses google alerts, whatever!

I was so, so excited to see this... it makes me so happy. "Loving you is like living." = Oh fantastic! I posted about it on my blog, so hope you don't mind.

Also, I kind of hate you a little for being in California now... I've about had it with snow.

All best, and thanks again,

sdw said...

hey me too, dude, with the alerts. couldn't live without 'em!

my favorite part turns out to be "nothing / & tendon. Everything."

but this is only the first half of your book! stay tuned for the 2nd, as soon as i get a moment to finish it up! (just got a job at a vet here...a lot like AMC...how's rugby btw?)

B-Ho said...

Oh yeah, the ending is just perfect. Eeks, part 2! I'm getting a huge head you know ;)

So glad you got a job doing what you like, that's more than a lot of people can say, normally even, but especially right now...

And big R is good... the dogwalker says he's his favorite walk of the day, and he's been cuddly and warm this winter... Rugby, not the dogwalker I mean! ;)