turned out to be the perfect venue for my first reading since grad school. it was a good crowd -- not too packed but enough people to actually read to...some that i didn't even know! i was nervous beforehand but a coupla beers took care of that! here are pics:

yours truly:

pic of me in the audience (from left to right: laura dunn, mandy ellis, ryan (sp?), & sdw)

kathleen rooney reading collabs (miss you elisa!)

this is the shoe oscar found on the way to the bar (after the reading; sorry these are a bit out of order)

the multitalented jasmine dreame wagner (whose album searchlight needles i am listening to right now (it's really good; experimental folk; they should hook up with mandy (see above) at some point))
also: a major announcement: henceforth i will be known professionally as:

Samuel Day Wharton

not Samuel Wharton; keep that in mind....

so, well, thanks again to quimby's for having us


Kathleen Rooney said...

Your new name is the bomb.

sdw said...

that's why it's in big red letters...