a sad, quiet death


the outside voices anthology has been cancelled

a lot of us were really looking forward to it

it gave us some little bit of hope of resistance against the tyranny of Legitimate Dangers (boring; inconsequential).

but now...what are we left with?




Jessica Smith said...


The project needs a real editor who has the kind of time and resources necessary to devote to all the massive amounts of work it takes. Anthologies like Legitimate Dangers are published by organizations in which editors aren't just, like, you and me. Just some punk kid with an idea, you know? It was way too big for a single person to do.

Amanda said...

I think there are a lot of books and zines (like yours!) that show the diversity/energy of the poetry community. It's hard for an anthology to capture that anyway.

With the internet, there's always the opportunity for teachers to put together their own ever-shifting anthologies by linking to what's out there... (I am thinking this way because this is how I need to spend my spring break to prep for the coming quarter!)

sdw said...

it was a huge project to take on, certainly. i, like a lot of people, was very excited about appearing in it & about the scope of it & felt hopeful that it might contribute something aesthetically to a very confused world.

but, amanda, you're right, of course; there's a vibrancy around the poetry world now that's mostly due to ease of contact, accessibility, etc, brought on by the web...that might not come through at all in a big book.