where my girls at?

so, the indian-spiced chicken could use some tweaking, but was pretty good nonetheless.

more importantly, but less deliciously, c. dale young (well, really jilly dybka, as he takes the quotation verbatim from poetry hut) is the latest po-blogger to touch on the Gender Gap. it's been talked about at pshares, simon dedeo's rhubarb is susan, & elsewhere (mostly in response to a chicago review article by juliana spahr & stephanie young).

personally, i'd have to say that i know as many -- & probably more -- talented female poets than male ones, & yet somehow sawbuck receives a significantly higher percentage of its submissions from men. i haven't the slightest clue why, so don't ask.

i'm curious as to where new england review (young's editing gig) falls on the map: is it one of the few journals reporting parity in this matter, or does it -- like my own -- see far more submissions from men than women? i suppose if i were braver i'd ask in the comments on his blog, but i'm not, so i'm asking here. anybody else have any input?

other news: reb livingston is reporting that:

"Two of No Tell Motel's poems have been selected by judge Chad Davidson for the 2007 Best of the Net Anthology coming out in February.

"Bargaining" by Charles Jensen


"If You Were To Die Right Now, Johnny Depp" by Derek Pollard"

good poems, both. i can only deduce, as i have not heard from the best of the net folks, that none of the poems i nominated from sawbuck have made the final cut. i thought they were all awesome, though, so i'll shout 'em out here:

1. Dan Beachy-Quick, "Lullaby-Ease"

2. Jenna Cardinale, "A Cabinet with a Magic"

3. Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney, "XIV"

4. Jon Woodward, "Walkway"

5. CA Conrad, "say it with grEEn paint for the comfort and healing of their wounds"

6. Robert Lietz, "Fall Routes"


this is my longest post ever


C. Dale said...

Strangely, we seem to receive more submissions from men than women, though the difference isn't huge. Men maybe make up 60% nd women 40%. But the women must be better poets because if you look at a year's worth of issues, the male-female ratio is pretty darn close to 50-50.

sdw said...

i'd say i'm closer to 75% men, as far as the unsolicited submissions go (this is just a guess, i haven't counted). it's only through a concerted recruitment effort that i've been able to maintain a rough equality in the issues we've put out. but sawbuck is still a pretty young journal...