outstanding submissions

anybody know what happened to Half Drunk Muse?

they seem to be stuck on the spring 06 issue. i ask because i sent them a submission in nov. 06 & haven't heard back. i queried once, in mid 07 (well after the 3 month response time they give on their site).


which brings me to this: non-responsive journal editors. what's up with that? as a journal editor myself, i understand that people get busy & can't spend all their waking time reading & responding to submissions. or maybe they lose interest in the whole project. fine, but for everyone's sake, at least let the people know what's going on.

other outstanding submissions: Words on Walls (submitted dec. 06); realpoetik (submitted june 07) -- neither of these has response times listed, which is fine, but realpoetik has their next reading period slated to start soon & i can't imagine they'd start reading again before at least responding to submissions from previous reading periods.

i haven't queried either of these journals, mostly because it seems to be considered bad form, regardless of whether the journal invites you to or not. is this the case? at what point do you just shrug your shoulders, say fuck it, & write the editor a letter?

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